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Supercharge your career with the skills that really matter

In an ever-changing world, Elenta helps you identify your values and achieve your goals by learning the universal skills that drive success both at work and in life.

What is Elenta?

Elenta is a learning platform that uses science, technology, and evidence-based group coaching to equip you with the behaviours and skills proven to drive success at work and in life. We know you're busy, which is why we help you identify your highest impact skills and behaviours and then give you ways to work on them through a combination of daily two minute exercises and short, fun group sessions.

Learn in the flow of work

Elenta integrates with the tools you already use every day, and nudges you to take actions when you need to. It's not another platform that you need to remember to login to, we meet you where you are.

How it works

"Elenta has been extremely beneficial for me. The nudges were all very timely, with relevant content that kept me engaged. With a busy work life it can be hard to complete the tasks you’re given, but Elenta made it easy to continually practice my new skills."


Learner @ Bupa

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